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Seyburn Zorthian

Seyburn ZorthianIf you’re a fan of Buttonwood, surely you’ve noticed our distinctive label art. Like the wine inside the bottles, the art originates right here at Buttonwood. Since we started producing in 1989, those paintings have come from the brush of our partner Seyburn Zorthian. Over the years, Seyburn’s work has become more than our label art; now it’s an integrated part of the winery’s personality.

Seyburn developed an early interest in art while growing up in the world of her father, L.A. artist Jirayr Zorthian. Her formal education includes study at the San Francisco Art Institute, Chouinard, and the California Institute of the Arts, where she earned her BFA. She spent a crucial year studying Shodou (the expressive technique of Japanese brush-and-ink writing) with master Shiryu Morita in Japan. This period of study continues to have a profound impact on her work. According to Seyburn, the brush and ink are the perfect tools to convey both the inner and outer aspects of our lives.

Seyburn ZorthianSeyburn has worked in her studio at Buttonwood since the early 1970s. In creating the first Buttonwood label, she cut some vines from our vineyard and arranged them in her studio.  The resulting brush design was less a literal representation of the vines than an abstraction that reflected her feelings about the vines. Her ongoing work for Buttonwood continues to pursue abstraction as an expression of the moment.

Seyburn’s current large-scale works channel the immediacy of the present captured by her earlier expressive brushwork, further developed with color and compositional elements that lend the work greater emotional and aesthetic depth.

To learn more about Seyburn’s work, visit her website:www.seyburnzorthian.com.