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Earth Spirit - the ImbiberImbibers Club and Buttonwood Bellwethers Members Lounge

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2017 has been one roller-coaster of a vintage, with lots of rain during dormancy, continual winds during flowering and hot temperatures at grape set. It’s a bountiful crop, and as I write this in early August, my colleagues have already begun harvest! Yikes, “harvest is coming” (a pun for any Game of Thrones fans out there). This September selection is a “Harvest Happenings” story!

September Imbibers Club Shipment

September newsletter

Red & White Wine Club

Red Wine Only

White Wine Only

Winemaker's Selection


Feb 2016 Bellwethers Shipment was a leap into spring! Next Bellwether selection will be in November.


  • 2016 Syrah Rosé
  • Spicy Salsa grown here on the farm and created by Chef Conrad Gonzalez of Valle Fresh
  • The Gourmet Girls Go Camping cookbook and the Camping Wine Pairing Guide
  • GoVino non-breakable glass

If you would like to reorder any of these selections, please contact wineclub@ButtonwoodWinery.com or give us a call at 805-688-3032. The next Bellwethers selection will be in June 2017, with a focus on BBQ!

Club Calendar

Join us for the Imbibe-BQ pickup party in the tasting room garden on May 27, from 5-7pm